About me

Hi! I am Essa.

In 2012 I experienced my first breath work session. In the first session the penny dropped: I want to guide people in breathing more fully, so that they can reconnect with the self-healing capacity of their bodies.

My own process

Before I started doing this work, I had a busy job as a press officer. I was always “on”, causing me (like so many) to lose my connection with my body.

By fully breathing my body started to indicate what it needed. I felt my own inner strength again and gradually I no longer needed guidance in breathing.

I noticed how exhausting it was to wear a mask. Layer by layer I am getting closer to myself and I could focus my energy on where it was most needed for myself and for others.

My interests

Because of my background as a neuropsychologist, I am extremely fascinated by the nervous system. How it developed while we grow up as a child. How the nervous system becomes disrupted because we have received insufficient attention, love and good care as a child and because of trauma that has been going on for generations and has been transferred to us. And how we can disrupt our nervous system as adults by constantly living under stress.

The good news is that we can make our nervous system healthy again. One important key is breaking old breathing patterns. By breathing incorrectly, we constantly send signals to our nervous system that we are in danger, creating unnecessary stress in our system. With breathwork and conscious bodywork we can break through this vicious cycle and make contact with what we really are.

My background

In 2006 I obtained my Masters in Neuropsychology. After graduating I started working at Amnesty International as a web editor and later as a press officer. I throroughly enjoyed working and had a great team of colleagues. But at a certain point in my life I felt like a broken record. I was stuck …

In addition to my work I have studied a lot (journalism, holistic massage therapy, yoga nidra and breathing work). Initially out of personal interest, but after 9 years as a communication specialist, I felt that I needed a switch.

I resigned and decided to put everything I learned through my own personal process and study into practice. In addition to my work as a breathwork facilitator, I work as a massage therapist at a massage practice. My work gives me an enormous amount of energy, because I see how it empowers people and how they regain control over their own lives.

Stay tuned

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Essa Ademwerk