Change the breath Change the body Change the mind

Breathwork helps

Breathwork can help with emotional blockages, stress, fatigue and anxiety.

Let go of tension

By breathing fully you can experience freedom and space in your body and mind.

Break through old patterns

Get new insights and connect to your authentic way of being.

Why Breathwork?

Problems are not only between the ears. It is in your heart, your hips, your shoulders, in the way you breath. Everything that is unresolved, unhealed and unprocessed, becomes stuck in the body.

In breathwork the breath is considered as the bridge to the body. By breathing connected, you bring movement back into parts of your body where tension and stress caused a halt. It’s the only part of our autonomic nervous sytem we can conciously change.

Breathwork offers you the opportunity to examine the body layer by layer and break through old stress and behavioral patterns. It allows you to fully connect with your authentic way of being.

"During the breathwork sessions I experienced something special. I had never been so close to myself. Many deep emotions were cleaned up. Almost as if I was born again. In the session Essa brings in a lot of peace and experience that made me feel safe."

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Essa Ademwerk