What is breathwork

Every deep breath is like a love note to your body 

By using a full and connected breath you come into a different state of consciousness. This gives you clear insights into old behavioral patterns and brings you into contact with physical tension and emotions. This breathing technique teaches you to be completely present with all the sensations arising in the body, without thinking about how you feel or fleeing in stories about your sensations. You learn to feel unconditionally what is moving within you and being fully present.

Problems are not only between the ears. It is in your heart, your hips, your shoulders, in the way you breath. Everything that is unresolved, unhealed and unprocessed, becomes stuck in the body.

In breathwork the breath is considered as the bridge to the body. By breathing connected, you bring movement back into parts of your body where tension and stress caused a halt. It’s the only part of our autonomic nervous system we can conciously change.

Breathwork offers you the opportunity to examine the body layer by layer and thus break through old stress and behavioral patterns. It allows you to fully connect with your authentic way of being.

During an individual breathwork session we’ll first start with an intake. Here you can tell me what you want to investigate during the breathwork session and I will ask you a few questions. Together we’ll determine your intention for the session and we get to work!

Then I explain the technique of connected breathing. After these instructions, the session can begin. The session starts with an active part of about 30-40 minutes in which you start breathing connected. During this active phase I invite you to consciously feel what is happening in your body. To support you in releasing blockages, I use pressure points. Voice use and movement can also be used to make room in the body.

After this active part, comes the relaxation phase. You may then release the connected breath. Most people experience sensation of peace, gratitude and joy.

Afterwards there is room to share your experiences.

I can support you in your process and give you specific exercises to continue this process at home. Also I encourage you to journal or I give other little assignments that will help you integrate the experience.

An individual breathing session lasts 1.5 to 2 hours.

Private live breathwork session (1,5 to 2 hours)  – 100 euros incl. VAT

Program of 4 private breathwork sessions – 360 euros incl. VAT

Public workshops – check out Agenda & Workshops